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How does the automatic greenhouse control system help the greenhouse to achieve intelligence ...

With the development of China's facility agriculture and the adjustment and development of future planting models, automated greenhouses have achieved full development throughout the country in recent years.

What is the height of a greenhouse? What's the right height

There are many types of greenhouses. Among them, according to the style of greenhouses, they are divided into greenhouses, winter greenhouses, double-sided slope arch sheds, and multi-story greenhouses. Today I will share with you the choice of the height of the greenhouse, and the height of the greenhouse is generally appropriate.

The substantial advantages of intelligent greenhouse control systems and traditional greenhouse cultivation?

The application of greenhouses can not only provide a good growth environment for crops, but also create conditions for the production of off-season fruits and vegetables. However, many people must know that in traditional greenhouse planting, the cost of planting management is high, and it takes less time to achieve the desired results.

220V / 24V WI-FI Edition Intelligent Thermostat User Guide

There are five interfaces on the bottom of it. The only interface with a plug is the power cord. After inserting the plug into the 220V jack, the IoT card temperature controller will automatically turn on without pressing any buttons ~ (as shown above)

220V / 24V Smart IoT Card Thermostat User Guide

After turning on the power, wait until the signal light on the front of the smart controller lights up, indicating that the connection is successful. After the connection is successful, you need to download the corresponding software to realize the function of controlling the greenhouse with your mobile phone.
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