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Water and fertilizer integrated control system

Water and fertilizer integrated control system

Versatile use, excellent quality
Can be connected via WIFI, LORA signal, IoT card, etc.

Water and fertilizer integrated automatic control system can help producers to easily achieve automatic water and fertilizer integrated management. The system consists of a system cloud platform, a data acquisition terminal, video monitoring, a fertilizer applicator, a filtering system, a valve controller, a solenoid valve, and field pipes. The whole system can set up a periodic water and fertilizer plan to implement rotation irrigation based on the monitored soil moisture and crop fertilizer requirements. Fertilization opportunities automatically control important parameters of water and fertilizer processes such as irrigation, fertilizer absorption, fertilizer concentration, and pH in accordance with user-defined formulas and parameters of the irrigation process, realizing timing and quantitative control of irrigation and fertilization, and fully improving water and fertilizer utilization. To achieve the purpose of saving water and fertilizer, improving soil environment and improving crop quality. This system is widely used in planting and irrigating fields such as field, dry field, greenhouse, orchard.



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