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Changzhou Renishi CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise dedicated to agricultural electrification, automation, and intelligence to realize the intelligent development of agriculture in China. By applying information technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing in the agricultural field, wireless networking control of various electrical appliances in greenhouses and greenhouses has been established, and various interactive control solutions have been designed. It is an enterprise unit integrating technology research and development, production and sales, implementation and application. Adhering to the purpose of “helping agricultural intelligence and realize agricultural intelligence”, the company builds a full-scale digital agricultural solution provider for the agricultural field.
The main products are: fan controller, film rolling machine controller, curtain motor controller, quilt controller, negative pressure fan controller, humidification (water curtain) controller, window controller, time controller , Temperature controller, fresh air controller, refrigeration controller, IoT valve controller, IoT relay controller, etc. Can control 24V, 200V DC, 220V, 380V AC, electrical equipment. After networking via WIFI, IoT card, and LORA signal, the stand-alone, mobile phone, and computer can be controlled.
The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality assurance, integrity first, service-oriented", set up a pioneering high-tech agricultural product with a pioneering and innovative attitude, and determined to help China's future "smart agriculture"!

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